KlipNotes® - Just For You


Is this you?

  • Messy
  • Unorganized
  • Cluttered

Then this product is just for you:

  • Clean up that mess
  • Unclutter space
  • Display pictures & postcards
  • Organize notes and small items

Adheres to:

  • Computer monitor
  • Refrigerator door
  • Mirror
  • School locker

KlipNotes®, a simple sleek design securely holds and organizes card-stock items: business cards, postcards, photos, notes, calendars, and much more.

The perfect organzer for home, office, and school.  The self-adhesive tape (no magnets to scratch surfaces) adheres to any smooth surface, even stainless steel.

KlipNotes® was made jsut for you and is a great value.  Order you today!


KlipNotes® is a registered trademark of Affixit, LLC

KlipNotes® brand clips are covered by U.S. Patent No. D601,629S